Basement readings

Basement Readings - Writers Forum Workshop Cover image: Self-portrait of Bob Cobbing, used and altered by permission of Jennifer Cobbing. Copyright this collection Writers Forum / Adrian Fisher / Martín Gubbins / Luna Montenegro, 2003. Individual tracks remain with the artists concerned. Produced by Adrian Fisher / Martín Gubbins / Luna Montenegro. These readings were recorded mainly on 4 June, 2003, at a basement in South West London by members of the Writers Forum Workshop. They are a tribute to the late Bob Cobbing, founder of the writers forum and inspiration for us all.


Basement Reading - Álbum completo 01:11:47
1-31 Overlay No 8 / Lawrence Upton 04:36
2-31 The metaxa is in the study / Chris Paul 00:57
3-31 This is written in red ink / Chris Paul 03:33
4-31 Based on Jack and the Beanstalk / Chris Paul 01:52
5-31 Archipelago / Chris Paul 00:56
6-31 Translation from Rimbaud / Sean Bonney 01:27